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Playerlist Premium

Realms Playerlist Premium is a $2 USD monthly purchase (or a $20 USD yearly purchase) you can make in order to get special features not usually obtainable. These are usually locked behind a paywall because it would be infeasible to allow everyone to use these features without making the bot as a whole suffer - by limiting the amount of users who can use them, I can still provide these features to those who need it while also earning funds necessary to keep the bot alive and running as it grows (scaling isn't cheap).


Live Playerlist

Instead of making the bot send a summary of people on every hour, a live playerlist shows who joined and left a Realm every minute, basically making it a live join/leave logger.

It looks something like this:

Picture on how live playerlist looks like.

This has a variety of uses, from statistical to moderation - it's really up to you what you do with this information. Some Realms use it both to narrow down subjects to a precise degree while also tracking active Realm times. Using Discord's search functionality, the possibilities are near endless.

Of course, this is more spammy than the summary given every hour, and also replaces the autorunner version entirely. The /playerlist command will still be available to you, though, and the benefits most likely outweigh the downsides for you.

Live Online List

Taking the live playerlist to its logical conclusion, a live online list is a message that constantly updates with the players currently on the Realm, as seen below:

Animated picture on how the live online list looks like.

Simply send with /premium send-live-online-list and you should be good to go.

As of right now, this feature requires the live playerlist to also be enabled.

Device Information

Through an extra toggle (/premium device-information), the bot can fetch and display device information whenever a user is online. This affects /online, the normal playerlist, and the live playerlist.

For example, /online becomes this:

Picture on how /online looks when the toggle is enabled.

This does slow the bot down a bit when fetching the device1, and privacy settings may make some users not have information regardless2, but can used as an extra moderation/statistical tool.

This is also available as a toggle to non-Premium users of /online (and only /online) if they vote for the bot.

Realm Session Export

You can export your Realm's session data (a session being a period of time where the player was on a Realm, including when they joined and were last seen) for around the last 30 days to a CSV file (through /premium export), which can be opened in a spreadsheet program like Excel or Google Sheets. This can be used to make your own graphs (though some fiddling around will be needed), or just to have the data for yourself.

Picture on how that data is sent.

Voting Bypass

Any features that require voting (large graphs, /online with device information, /leaderboard) can be bypassed if you have Premium. This is useful if you want to use those features without having to vote every 12 hours.

How to Get Playerlist Premium

Now, you might be wondering how to get it, huh?

You'll need:

  • A valid payment source. It should be accepted by Stripe.
  • A Discord account that you can use the redeem the code.
  • Of course, a server to actually redeem Premium in. Or, well, you actually can redeem it in two servers if you want.

Anyways, on with purchasing:


  1. Head over to the Premium Dashboard. This page is where you can get and manage Premium.

  2. Click the "Purchase Premium" button. It should ask you to authorize the Realms Playerlist Bot to view basic details for your account - this is just to link the upcoming purchase to you.

  3. You should be redirected to the Stripe checkout page for Playerlist Premium. Fill out all details and submit it. If it asks you for an address, just note that it's only used to calculate tax.

  4. If the payment is successful, then you'll get sent to a page with your code! Save it immediately, as it will be forever lost if you don't.

    • I cannot recover it if you've forgotten it. The code is encrypted as it's stored, and I cannot reverse the encryption.
    • I'd suggest to take a look at the other notes the page has too.
  5. On the server you want to enable Premium in, use the command /premium redeem and input the code you got. If it all works, the bot should tell you it was a success. Just note you cannot undo this action without contacting me, and will permanently use one of your two uses.

And that's it! If you want to change payment methods or cancel your subscription, just use the Premium Dashboard link, click the "Manage Premium" button, and Stripe will do the rest. You'll need to keep access to the email you used to buy Premium to do this.

  1. This requires bypassing certain parts of the bot (its cache) to get up-to-date information, hence the slowdown. 

  2. If users are offline on Xbox Live, their device won't appear. There may be settings that also make the user not share their current game details.