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Note: this is an informal section, and probably needs polishing.


  • Minecraft and Minecraft Realms is owned by Mojang.
    • Shoutouts to CornerHard for being a great developer for Realms!
  • Mojang itself and Xbox Live (including its API) is owned by Microsoft.



I won't list every dependency here, because GitHub does a good job of that. Check them out through this link! Instead, here are the major ones:

  • is made by a slew of people, including myself, but the current lead is LordOfPolls. That being said, thanks to all of the (other) contributors for making it one of the best Python Discord libraries I ever used - I really love it.
  • xbox-webapi-python is made by Team OpenXbox, and while I do have my issues with how it's designed, I cannot thank them enough for doing the hard work of parsing the Xbox API for me.2
  • Tortoise ORM is just a wonderful ORM to use. Seriously, it feels natural to make and use database related objects thanks to it.
  • orjson by ijl is... just a fun thing to use. Fast, always correct, and pretty much unrivaled - what more could you want?


  • Literally anyone who made this page about the Realms API is my savior. What's otherwise undocumented was made really easy to understand and use thanks to that page.
  • A lot of people from the Realm Bot have helped me out with some good advise - thanks!

  1. Bedrock Edition doesn't have great shader support, and I do not have a GPU capable of raytracing. 

  2. Though this library is not being used in the bot itself (anymore) - it was just inspiration. 

  3. Both libraries are used in the bot itself. orjson for general JSON support and msgspec when there's a known format in mind. As you can imagine, this is down to their speeds in those respective scenarios.